The Spiritual Heart of Wayanad
Deep within the heart of Wayanad lies Thirunelli, a place of immense spiritual significance. The serene Papanasini River surrounds it and is home to the historic Thirunelli Temple.
Beyond its religious importance, Thirunelli offers breathtaking landscapes, with misty hills and serene forests. It's a place where spirituality and nature blend seamlessly, creating an atmosphere of peace and introspection.
Committed to Nature
At KLOV Jungle Resort, our story is one of harmony with nature. Hidden inside Wayanad, we have created a haven that invites you to disconnect from daily life and rediscover your connection with the natural world.
Immersed in Nature
Every hut, verandah, and balcony is thoughtfully designed to provide an immersive experience in nature. Large windows and open spaces invite the outdoors in, allowing you to wake up to the sights and sounds of the forest.
Built From Earth
Our use of earthen techniques is not just about aesthetics; it's about sustainability. We employ traditional building methods that have been in use for centuries, ensuring a reduced environmental impact.
Our architecture is a celebration of the earth—you'll find evidence of our dedication to creating a space that not only pampers our guests but also respects and preserves the beauty of the world around us.
Your journey into Kerala's wilderness begins here.
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KLOV Resort & Spa, Tirunelli, Wayanad, Kerala.
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Call +91 6238 600 329 or email for enquiries.